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A Bit of History

Toisc Limited started out in 2012 when our founder was thinking of a creative way to help teachers, within the educational system of Scotland, plan their lessons effectively using an App he developed.

CfEApp, Curriculum for Excellence Educational, Scotland, App Store, Play StoreThe App would later go on to become the CfEApp found in the App and Play stores today which is used by many teachers around Scotland to plan their lessons.

The company name he chose was Toisc, a Scottish Gaelic word meaning “Goodwill” and reflects our core values of providing value and opportunity to those we work with directly.

It is our concern for our clients which has kept us motivated to keep learning ourselves and ensure we are aware of various methods to reach different audiences.


National Parks Guy, Toisc Limited, Advertising and Marketing ConsultancyToisc went on to build a website for National Parks around the world called National Parks Guy. An ongoing project dedicated to our wildlife and expanding our knowledge of our environment.


Our wildlife and green spaces are vital to our sense of self and our future and to be able to experience the diversity in the world while contributing to organisations dedicated to maintaining those green spaces helps us all.


Market Nosh, Toisc Limited, Advertising and Marketing Consultancy

Later on, Toisc developed a web resource for budding Market Traders through the website Market Nosh. Visiting local traders and discussing their own journey to the marketplace. A podcast was born, The Market Nosh Show, which is currently recording for its second season.


Toisc Limited has grown since those early days and today inspires businesses to reach further and higher in attaining their goals they set out in the early years and improving their Customer Experience. We are still a local business supporting local people.

Customers and clients abound, but the majority of business employees lack the ‘roadmap’ for company success and many business owners, passionate about their dreams, overlook the important element of being found and heard with excellent customer service. This is where Toisc excels.

The Future

Toisc Limited has travelled far since those early days. Today we are focused on providing support to businesses and creating Websites and Copywriting Campaigns that result in time-efficient engagement from your customers.

The knowledge we have gained and the experience we have gathered allow us special insight into our areas of expertise. We are proud to work with people inspired to care for their families as much as their staff and are looking for ways to increase the wealth of those around them.

We look forward to engaging with you and hope to see you on board with us soon.


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