Beginners Guides to Get You Started

There are some amazing resources around the web to get you started in Social Media, Google Business and Email Marketing to name a few. These Beginners Guides to Digital Marketing should point you in the right direction to see an improvement in your local listings and provide a better picture for your local customers.

Beginners Guides to Digital Marketing, Email and Social Media, Toisc LimitedThe Keyword

Moz is very reputable when it comes to SEO education and how to understand ranking. Any good business will understand that to succeed you need laser-like focus and the Keyword is that for Digital Marketing. Online you need to be focused in your articles, posts and campaigns. For an in-depth look at Keyword Research, have a look at the Beginners Guide from Moz.

Beginners Guide to Keyword Research – Moz


Blog Posting

Having a business page today is not enough. Your customers want to get to see training video, hints and tips about using your products and latest developments. To keep them updated, use a blog format as part of your business. Keep drip feeding content through so there is a fresh stream of information flowing. That way you stay relevant to your customers and more importantly, Search Engines recognise that you are active. For a great guide on post writing, visit ProBlogger. Their page is packed full of articles to get the best blog pages up and going.

How to Write Great Blog Content – ProBlogger


Catchy Headline

By now you would have already discovered that the catchy headline is what first attracts a potential customer to click a link and visit a page. When the words are just right, you want to know more. There some great headline makers to get you thinking about the topic you may wish to write about so give it a whirl. Use Hubspot’s headline maker or Portent Content Idea Generator.

Blog Topic Generator – Hubspot

Content Idea Generator – Portent



It is vital to know how you are doing and equally to know what your customers are doing. Google webmaster tools are an important area to understand here. Your site should be monitoring what people are clicking on and linking too. This can all be done through Google’s Webmaster tools. A free service that will get any business owner started on the right track. Yoast is an expert when it comes to interpreting data and his articles really do help in understanding why you may want to use these features.

Google Webmaster Tools Search Analytics – Yoast


Social Media

This is the new web. Commonly referred to as Web 2.0, really all we have here is people adding to the internet through constant dialogue. This should not be feared but embraced. Don’t get stuck thinking the only way to do any business is to speak to someone. Today big companies like British Gas offer Twitter as a form of getting in touch over and above their telephone service. It’s quick and a potential customer can ask directly from their phone while they are off being productive elsewhere.

It’s quicker than email normally and offers a chance for you to put your best foot forward. You get to show how fast you are at managing enquiries, you can see reviews and measure the outcome of product launches. Hootsuite are masters at Social Media and their training and blog offer great insights to get you started. Take a look at their Social Media for Business posts.

10 Benefits of Social Media for Business – Hootsuite


Email Management

Finally, the days of making massive email lists within Microsoft Outlook and then sending your precious material to each list or even to each individual are long past us. There are programs that automate the whole process. Mail Chimp is a great one to get you started as they offer you a free service to get your feet wet. You can certainly move on after that to other programs like Aweber. Have a look at their pdf resource for small business

MailChimp for Small Business – Mailchimp

How can I use email marketing in my industry? (Guides) – Aweber



These Beginners Guides to Digital Marketing will get you started. They aren’t definitive, there are other companies, guides and tutorials around, however, getting a little bit of an understanding goes a long way to knowing what to ask for in a Digital Marketing Consultant.

As always, get in touch to discuss these ideas with us by using one of the social media channels below, the contact page above, or by clicking the link to chat right now in the lower right. It would be great if you told us how you got on with any of these guides.