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  • Meetups and Why You Should Use Them for Marketing Your Business
    Small Business Outreach can start with a Meetup, not the famous app (Called Meetups), by bringing together like-minded people in your local area to interact or learn. It’s as old as the days when we sat together and braided each … Read more
  • Understanding Affiliate Marketing (without affiliate marketing)
    Understanding Affiliate Marketing Misconceptions Quick Definition A website/blog promoting another business/product/service and in return receives a ‘commission’ for the promotion. Normally promoted through reviews, article writing, landing pages or through a whole website in the course of ‘normal’  writing. It … Read more
  • Should I Volunteer My Business Services?
    Volunteering is a two-way street no matter if you are Mother Theresa or Mark Zuckerberg. It benefits both parties at the end of the day. So Should I Volunteer My Business Services to gain larger community awareness?   … Read more
  • Above the Fold and How to Use it Effectively
    What is Above the Fold, why it is important, and what can you do to improve your website now that you know about it? What is the Fold? It is as it sounds. The Fold on a website is … Read more
  • Leverage Your Community
    What does it mean to Leverage Your Community? Today is #UrbanWednesday and we are discussing how important it is for us to link up with the people around us locally. To Leverage Your Community is to be wear … Read more
  • A/B Testing Explained for Improved Sales Conversion
    A/B Testing is also known as Split Testing. This is where a Digital Marketer has different adverts, or landing pages and tests which one convinces more customers to click-through and /or purchase a product or submit an email address. … Read more
  • How Much Time are you Dedicating to Your Business?
    Yesterday, I was searching for an article online about a TV show and came across a website that had a graphic on it listing the Game of Thrones binge schedule for the next 6 weeks, at 2 episodes … Read more
  • Do Whatever It Takes
    We always ask new clients how serious they are about improving their visibility online and to their local customers. They always respond with, “Of course or else we wouldn’t be here!” I always reply, “Are you willing to … Read more
  • Basic Guide to Search Engine Ranking
    There is plenty of information on this topic but for a Basic Guide to Search Engine Ranking for those new to ranking their business, this should give you a few of the first steps in. Any further ideas … Read more
  • Refining the Digital Marketing Planning Process
    When a business notices customers heading to their competitors and they can’t attract them back, they normally hire more salespeople or push more products to ensure that their brand is being seen and heard. Perhaps Refining the Digital … Read more
  • A Fresh Approach
    It is a strange decision to make, starting your own company. It always seems like it is a distant thought and yet somewhere, deep within the brain there has always been the desire to be more. To have … Read more

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