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A Fresh Approach

It is a strange decision to make, starting your own company. It always seems like it is a distant thought and yet somewhere, deep within the brain there has always been the desire to be more. To have A Fresh Approach.

That’s how it is that I come to be here as the CEO and founder of Toisc Limited. It was while deciding on bringing the best value possible to those around me that the idea that I always wanted would be realised though a leap into my own business.

2012 was an odd year in my career too. It was a year of transition and moves that until then had not even been a focus for me as an individual. But as some say, we all have to start somewhere.

In deciding to start the company there was the issue of a name. Something I tie so closely to the ethos of a company.

In my experience it could either have been based on my own name, Maurice Randall, or it could be a name that represents us in one word.

I set about to find a way to show the ethos of our company and found a Gaelic word that meant all I wanted to imply – Goodwill.

The beauty of any entrepreneur is that their dreams and ambitions far outweigh their current lifestyles and social standing. They seem to ignore that they do not fit into that mould that the ‘ordinary’ person fits into.

This is the way I had been feeling for sometime and it was this that drove me towards a future where I would determine the direction and decisions for my goals.

At First…

At first there is a large amount of energy that is expended in setting up your business. I had, up to that point, been working tirelessly to develop an app that would support the teachers I was currently working with, so they could effectively prepare lessons and focus more on their pupils than on the paperwork.

When it came to launch day there was the normal write up and usual fanfare that goes along with any new launch. Months of preparing statements and posts and a waiting audience ready for the product…


I didn’t realise at the time more effort was required to set about promoting my new creation and that teachers wouldn’t just happen upon all my hard work and say, “Wow, its what I have been looking for all these years!”

How would they know?

There was little more than the app write up and a small tweet that went out that day saying there was something out there. It amounted to the equivalent of a small drop of water in an ocean.

No one even heard the sound of the drop!


But we know the entrepreneurial spirit isn’t one to be beaten because no one bought a product that day or even that week!

There is more to learn than just creating something that you think will inspire and change the lives of others… There is the need to tell others about it.

That is the basis of Advertising and Marketing!

That vital lesson has been the mainstay of Toisc Limited and our ethos is to generate as much goodwill to others as possible in promoting their business and products to those around them.

We now know the importance of being heard.

You have seen the ‘repeat’ Bloggers, Vloggers, Tweeters and Facebook haters. They are all trying to be heard in one way or the other.

What are shouting about, and how many are relevant to your lifestyle and your direction?

This is the focus of a good Advertising and Marketing Consultancy. Learning about your customers and your business. Promoting to the people who most want to hear from you and need your services.

The Current Landscape

Today, Toisc Limited is forging a new path that helps businesses meet the needs and desires of local people. It is the local person who will have the most influence on your business and they alone will propel your growth and be your ambassadors.

The customer has the power to choose from any number of options available to them but above all else they will always be loyal to those businesses that treat them with respect and meet their needs in a timely manner.

These two principles are key to good business and they are tied directly to our Goodwill philosophy.

Our company is focussing more on businesses that are trying to reach their local audiences again, to be heard in the sea of noise that is out there.

I am excited where this will lead us and I am most proud to be part of a world that promotes Advertising and Marketing in a way that supports companies AND the customer.

In Summary

You may be looking at our website with fresh eyes, or may be wondering what has happened to the articles that have been posted before.

We wanted to start fresh and new, offering refreshed content and a valuable resource for years to come.

Welcome to Toisc Limited.

Personalising local business to flourish for Global Impact

Toisc Limited

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