Do Whatever it Takes, Toisc Limited, Success

Do Whatever It Takes

We always ask new clients how serious they are about improving their visibility online and to their local customers. They always respond with, “Of course or else we wouldn’t be here!” I always reply, “Are you willing to Do Whatever it Takes?

Do Whatever it Takes, Toisc Limited, Success

When Do You Need To Take Action?

If you are asking this question you are already behind in your quest for growth. Growth is not something that happens naturally for most businesses.

It is a clearly defined process that ensure that a new product, service or an existing client is made aware of what you have on offer and find a way for them to reach you seemlessly.

When you are required to do whatever it takes, it means more than writing another blog post about a new line of custom made parts for a vehicle or those new accessories for going on nights out.

You need to have thought about taking action the moment your idea sprung into your head.

Prepare for a Swim

Think of it this way. You decide you want to go for a swim. Already you are thinking about the water and how great it will be to float about for a bit and put a few lengths in.

Then you begin thinking about what you need to take with you. Swimsuit, goggles, flip-flops, shower gel, towel, sunglasses, suntan lotion. (First step)

Once you have gathered all your items together you get ready to leave and may even inform those around you that you are off for a swim so they know where to reach you.

You decide to cycle and in your head, you are thinking about the route to the swimming pool. You will also need lights later on so others don’t miss you in the dark and a helmet.

At the pool, you introduce yourself to the desk attendant to announce your arrival and intention, then head to the changing room.

Finally, after changing you head out to the pool and prepare for you swim by choosing a lane and climbing in.

In just a few short steps you made it to a swim, but in the process, those at home knew you were leaving, those on the road knew you were there, the attendant knows and the other swimmers know.

You did very little to be noticed, so now picture doing all that with a loud hailer while wearing a clown costume!

First Steps

The first idea you have of a product or service is always exciting. I know it well and it become all consuming as you begin to work it all out.

The time you and I will put in to developing something is huge and at the end is something to be proud of.

It is important here to also factor in launch day and also re-targeting to ensure this work of art is not forgotten.

Start with a basic plan about how this will revolutionise a business or customers life. Next you need to begin to think how will Joe Bloggs find out about it!

Whose Going to Tell Joe Bloggs?

Do Whatever it Takes, Toisc Limited, Shout about it

We always think first about a companies niche customers. Those searching for a product or service a company is offering, then we need to work back.

We have an idea of the customer, but where do they normally get their information from?

If you product or service is online based it is not as important to leaflet whole areas when there is no relevance to your product.

Prepare to do whatever it takes by going on discussion boards to find out what groups are talking about and how to reach them.

Post short video with the product or service in action and link it to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Post more than once. Each piece of content you produce try to use it a minimum of 7 different ways and repeat it.

Buy some advertising online and test your ideas. If something doesn’t yield much then look for another way to reach you audience.

Never Stand Still

Do Whatever it Takes, Keep moving, Toisc Limited

Standing still will signal death to your product, service or business. We live in a world that is constantly adapting and changing. Nothing will stay the same because we all have different interests and are also pulled in so many different ways.

Your duty is to yourself and your family to do your best and achieve greatness. You cannot do that by sitting in a cave!

You need to leave it at some point and tell others what you have discovered, developed or enhanced.

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A great example is of Sir James Dyson who in 1991 started a business that would revolutionise the vacuum industry would change the way it thought of vacuum machines forever.

He designed a vacuum that was so revolutionary and once he had done so he had to leave his shed to get out and raise capital and tell others about his new developments.

He was even rejected by his employer, refused financial aid and laughed out of the room. He had a company try to steal his design after he shared it for which he had to sue over patent infringement!

Yet he still pursued his dream and today the Dyson Vacuum company has an annual turnover of £6.5 billion! This is an example of clear determination, but above all – Do Whatever It Takes!

Deciding to Take Your Stand

Do Whatever it Takes, Toisc Limited, Make your stand

The biggest decision is deciding to stand by what you believe in. Once you make that decision you are on your way to success, because it doesn;t matter what else happens you are focused and determined.

If you are going to take your business further then it is time to make it happen. Turn the TV off, stop wasting time on Facebook and YouTube and get out promoting what you know is going to make a difference.

If you need to work overtime to make a little more money to pay for advertising, or spend the weekends tinkering with designs or programs or even if you just need to spend some time volunteering to learn a trade. Do it and do it today.

Are you prepared to Do Whatever It Takes?

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