How much time are you dedicating to your business, Time management, toisc Limited, tv

How Much Time are you Dedicating to Your Business?

Yesterday, I was searching for an article online about a TV show and came across a website that had a graphic on it listing the Game of Thrones binge schedule for the next 6 weeks, at 2 episodes a night in order for you to be ready to watch the final season starting in March. (See Fandom link here) This got me thinking, How Much Time are you Dedicating to your Business daily to grow it?

How much time are you dedicating to your business, Time management, toisc Limited, tv

It is suggested that to promote your business effectively on your website, you ought to rather write one exceptional article a week that would take 8-10 hours to complete, with appropriate research, instead of an article a day.

That way you are offering your readers and potential customers the best available value for their time and will also help decern you from your competitors online. You become the specialist as it were.

TV Show Specialisms

How Much Time are you Dedicating to Your Business, Toisc Limited, stop wasting time

To put that all in context, to binge-watch all 67 episodes of seasons 1 – 7 of Game of Thrones, it would take a total time of 62 hours 24 minutes (according to without opening and closing credits!!!)

Even if you took 8 hours to write an article that was over 2000 words long, fully researched and pubished you would have written 7 full articles and almost completed an eighth.

That there was even a website called Binge Clock astonded me when I was reserching the length of the program. That website should be listed among any wannabe entrepreneurs list of websites to follow personally.

“Why?” I hear you ask.

Because that website is the precious reminder of the time you are dedicating to creating failure in your business. (Unless you review tv shows as your business).

To even contemplate that beginning a small TV series would slow your path for success down to less than the speed of a crawl is amazing.

Shock Yourself into Action

How Much Time are you Dedicating to Your Business, Toisc Limited, Shock yourself into action

I recommend that you take Binge Clock and begin to type in some of the shows that you watch or even rewatch. Notice how, over and over again, time is secretly stolen from us in the guise that it is only a half hour here or a 50-minute episode there.

When the reality hits you begin to think of ways you can use that time more efficiently.

Of course I can hear those saying but it is great to relax to. So is a walk in the park. So is going to bed early for a change and getting up refreshed to start a new day with more vigor than the day before.

The TV not only causes us to stay up later than we would naturally stay up, but it puts our brains into a zombie like state too.

Ever found yourself just sitting staring at the TV unable to move and not knowing where 2-4 hours have vanished.

Is This Scaremongering?

How Much Time are you Dedicating to Your Business, TV, hypnotic, Toisc Limited

In 2015 an article was written by Psychmechanics which talked about the way the TV can not only be hypnotic but also become a highly suggestible means of altering your mental states and beliefs.

Imagine… a box that can litereally alter and control the thoughts you have while you are unaware that it is happening!

Widen that thinking to the box you carry in your pocket everywhere you go and you have massive shifts in beliefs and also of time wasted.

So should we throw the TV from the window shouting, “Be gone you evil from this home!”

That’s your choice, but there are ways to watch TV actively and with purpose. Think of educational programs or historical discoveries. Ask yourself questions about why something is the way it is at the start of a program and see if the program answers your questions.

Other ways to Use the TV

There are perhaps other times you could use it more efficiently for enjoyment too.

Use it for Exercise

How Much Time are you Dedicating to Your Business, Toisc Limited, exercise, tv

Every time you want to improve your core strength do the plank exercise or situps/ press ups or even lift a dumbell, jog on a treadmill or skip while watching the tv.

Think about how 30 minutes of exercies a day will improve your health and you get to catch up on a favourite show.

Use it for Ironing

How Much Time are you Dedicating to Your Business, ironing, Toisc Limited, TV Uses

Unless you have your mansevant do this for you, it will probably fall to you to press those clothes into neat creases.

When starting your business you will want to save every penny and instead of giving the dry cleaner the few coins you have left, why not combine the TV with the weekly ironing. (Hint: it is also an exercise too!)

Use it for Cleaning

How Much Time are you Dedicating to Your Business, cleaning in front of TV, Toisc Limited

Why not keep it going and vacuum the floor , dust, polish and even get the silverware out or polish your shoes in the time you are taking to watch a TV show.

All great ways to use the TV to your advantage as it is a type of clock to keep you right on how much time is passing as well.

Here’s are the DON’Ts!

Do not use it for background to work

How Much Time are you Dedicating to Your Business, work distraction free, Toisc Limited

Your work is what is going to propell you to success. Do not let the box in the corner run your life and steal you dreams from you. Turn it off and focus on the work that needs to be done.

It may just be background noise but it has been found that advert breaks sound louder. There is the NBC explanation why here and I draw your attention to, “Most advertisers don’t want nuance. They want to grab your attention.”

Even the BBC wrote about it here. It seems that the evidence is that they are not louder, but they are at the louder permissable level to give a punchy effect.

Go figure! That is like say it’s only wet when its raining but its a different wet if you are swimming!

Do not use it for background noise while reading/learning

How Much Time are you Dedicating to Your Business, read in peace, Toisc Limited

Again the contant interupption of bangs and pops. The dialouge and the story lines will all interupt your level of concentration and become part of your learning process.

Rather use your time efficiently. Take time to understand a new process or learn a new skill, instead of being distracted every now and again making the process longer to complete.


It is as simple as that. Your time is the most precious commodity you have. You cannot make more of it and you cannot borrow it.

With that allotted time it is up to you to use it wisely to progress you business and further you prospects.

Like everything in life use it wisely and it will reward you.

A movie occasionally enjoyed with your partner or family is an event that you are all enjoying together. It is something to cherish.

Watching a movie every night is not special at all!

Thank you and Good Night

It is now time to reliquish the soap box from which I have been standing on and pass the batton to you to carry forward.

Success takes time to build and as you do it will demand ever greater concentration and dedication to be the preson you want to become.

Next time you are sitting watching the TV ask yourself, “How Much Time am I Dedicating to Your Business?” You may be surprised how quickly you turn off the box and get back to achieving your goals!

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