What does a logo do for a business? How does Brand Identity really affect the sales you make? The short answer is everything! Toisc Limited is committed to ensuring your Brand Identity and Logo Design reflects your business identity and is recognisable.

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The apple logo is synonymous with Apple the company. It is such a well-known logo today that the company no longer write the name of the company with the logo. The logo does all the talking.

When you think of that brand though you immediately think technology, clean lines and high-performance machines. Customer service that tries to be effective, unswerving in the face of government privacy requests and driven. The brand is what you are buying into with the most important branding that Apple is trendy and worth investing in.

Can you say the same for your brand? When people see your logo do you have a blank look? Are people aware of what your business does and do they find it answers their needs effectively?

Branding and logo creation is an offline marketing service which is, of course, developed using computers and graphics that can be used on websites and social media posts but its considered offline because where ever you post your logo that is what people will remember.

As part of our branding service, we also think about how we can refresh old logos that may reflect old values but need to be updated. There is an active search to discover what people think about your business and what they expect from it.

This is probably the hardest to accept from our clients as it lays bare their precious business to truths they may not want to face or already know need changing.

One thing you can be assured of is that we are here to help you improve, to grow your customer base and to focus your business direction into one simple to understand plan.

Talk to us and find out if we can help you with these delicate steps in improving your business.