Email Marketing can be a very effective tool in reaching your customers and providing them with tips and tricks to make your products more useful to them. It is a tool which allows you to keep your loyal customers up to date with the latest developments and updates and keep them interested in what you are producing.

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There is a vital lesson to be learned before you begin marketing via email. No one likes spam and email marketing has been used many times to only sell a product and then no further contact is provided to the customer. This is not best practice and one we do not endorse.

Email marketing can be of benefit to your company and the customer if used appropriately and it should be a way to keep your customers informed.

They have given you permission to email them directly (Required by law!) and as an upstanding business to continue to reinforce your role in the community should be supported by what you send out.

We would be able to help you set up and run your campaigns, even working on the copy for your emails should you want to reach your customers through this channel.

If you are interested in setting up Email marketing as part of your advertising campaigns then let’s talk.

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