You have heard about it, you have been subjected to it and you have been influenced by it, so why are you waiting for your competition to corner your market? Online advertising is the way you get to market your business to your customers. How else will they know you exist?

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There is a science to it of course. If you really believed that the small picture that popped up on your screen advertising your favourite holiday destination was a real fluke, you are wrong. Targeted advertising is where we are today.

There is no more need to blanket market to hundreds of thousands of people who are not interested in your product or service, but rather we have the ability to target the businesses and customers in the way that is most effective in gaining you customers and ultimately sales.

Our online advertising focuses on Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter at the moment.

Google Ads

When researching what you want to advertise we need to do a little bit of testing and narrow your market down. Did you know that even the time of day can affect your campaign?

With Google Ads you can search for key terms, bid on words you want to be searched for and select your audience. The cost per click (CPC) results in minimal spend in relation to what you would need to do to get your foot in the door of someone else’s business.

Bing Ads

Bing is not just another browser, that is going away anytime soon and with a market share of 5-10% of all search queries, it is not a place to ignore for your online advertising. Sure Google has the largest share, but that also means greater competition.

We figure it is best to focus on where you will be heard not just what is popular amount digital agencies!

Facebook Advertising

By now you will have a very good idea that Facebook is very powerful when it comes to advertising. Facebook has all the data needed to target exact matches and with insights so detailed it is easier than ever to find your perfect customer.

From location to likes and dislikes, it is possible to make your product available to an audience that is looking for a solution.

Instagram Advertising

As the worlds largest photo sharing site, it is also accessed more frequently than most social media channels when customers are ‘just browsing’. This is an important place to sponsor your products and offer your services directly to your followers.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is certainly a more expert area to focus on and we would recommend only advertising her if you were already an active user on the platform or offered business to business services.

Twitter Ads

If you thought Twitter was no more than a 140 (now 280) character social media outlet, think again. It is a huge platform that is constantly being updated with up to the minute information and your exposure to the right market may just boost your sales.

It is an experienced client who uses Twitter Ads, but more than ever it is worth keeping your options open.


There are plenty of other options that are available for you to market your products and services. Snapchat, WhatsApp and Pinterest to name a few others that also offer scope for your online advertising.

To find out more schedule an appointment with us today. We would be more than happy to discuss your thoughts and be part of your growth.

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