When it comes to being noticed your content should showcase your business, be interesting and well written. Press Releases are more than a short article with a few company photos, they are manicured manuscripts that tell your customers a story they want to believe in.

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Most of us cannot retain vast amounts of facts from an article but rather a few that really stand out to us. However, tell a story and your mind has the ability to link those details together and retain at least 65% of the information.

We are in the business of creating stories and woven into those stories are your business facts and products. Everyone may want a cold fizzy drink at some point but when you see a Coca-Cola you are drinking in a story full of experiences that are told to us and that we created ourselves.

The press releases should be entertaining at the very least. If you open a magazine today, have a look at the adverts and the articles. Notice which ones you are drawn too and which ones you skipped.

Press Releases are more than just a one use affair too. You can use the same article on your website, you can use snippets of it on your social media and refer to it in your discussions with clients and customers.

We started in content creation many years ago and would be happy to discuss your thoughts on how you may expand your reach through tailored press releases for your target audiences.

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