Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services are about making the most of your web presence. It is not dissimilar to looking for a dog walking group and asking people where the nearest dog training group can be found. A simple word difference but a big difference in meaning!

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When you think about SEO it is to do with a whole system approach. Back in the early 2000’s you could take one keyword, write it a 1000 times on your page and your page would just to any search that was requesting that keyword. Today that is different and better!

There is nothing worse than visiting a website that offers no value and poor grammar because someone thought they were writing the text to be found online instead of writing for the customer reading it.

We focus your attention on what you want to get across. We have main topics and feed from there sub-topics which relate to the main article. There are keywords and contexts for keywords.

There is far more involved in SEO for Marketing purposes but it has to be a joined-up approach.

We audit your current content, examine your ranking and your backlinking and then suggest changes you ought to be making to improve your visibility.

If you think that is overwhelming or rather, too time-consuming for you, you can leave it to us to sort out and receive the reports that show how and what we are doing to raise your profile.

You know your business better than anyone and we want to help you reach your customers with your experience and know-how.

From content creation to online videos, we will work with you to bring your customers a valuable experience and you owe it to them to have done your SEO homework for them to find you.

Let’s talk SEO – schedule your appointment with us today.